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I'm Nancy and I'm the Founder of Substance Meets Style.


My interest in fashion is in my DNA.  My mother, Hana, attended fashion design school in England after growing up in former Czechoslovakia.   She came to New York City and designed patterns for Simplicity.  After my sister and I were born, she put her professional career on the back burner but continued to sew-- morning, day and night.  She made every item of clothing from scratch and took creative license from the patterns we bought.  Shopping for us was going to the Garment District and selecting fabrics, buttons and zippers.  The rest was up to Mom.

I've always loved exploring style and fashion through the lens of my mother's eyes.

My explorations have taken me full circle.  I have spent years hunting and gathering but my closet(s) began to overflow with one time wears, quantity over quality and no answers for why I couldn't part with that little black dress when I have 6 others.

After working for over 25 years in business, finance and leadership development, I'm returning to the roots of my childhood.  I want to talk about what we put on our bodies, in the same way we commonly discuss what we put in them.   I want to promote designers and creators who are sustainable, slow and conscious about how they approach their business.  And, finally, I want to elevate the conversation to a broader audience.  

And that all starts here and now.


Nancy Beer

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