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Slow Batch Design featuring Marta Scarampi, Italian designer of capes and more from Torino to you.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I first discovered Slow Fashion as a term and movement over two years ago after meeting the amazing co-founders of Marta Scarampi, a family affair fashion atelier based in Torino, Italy. I was on a slow walk in the West Village in New York. Pop ups are a great way to discover new designers. It was pure chance to meet Lucia Scarampi at this particular pop up (I had gone in to see the handbags). On my way out the door, she caught my eye and they followed her to a rack of one of a kind pieces, all featuring beautiful fabrics and an invitation to touch. Each blouse, dress and cape came alive as I made my way around them noticing a simplicity of luxury design and a complexity of detail in the buttons, zippers and linings.

Two years later, Marta and Lucia are dear friends and I own a) an iconic cape b) several dresses c) some pants and d) and a top. And everywhere I go, I'm stopped and asked where I bought them.

Meet Marta Scarampi. We made this video in December and I'm wildly excited for you to watch. You'll definitely want one of their icononic capes. And it can be yours in less than two weeks with a click here. Tell them Nancy sent you with love.

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