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Don't Label Me (Luxury)

My husband and I were on a mission this weekend. He was looking for a quilted vest -- you know like all the Roy men wear on Succession. We took a stroll around Soho and checked out a range of usual suspects - from Arc'teryx to Moncler and more. The more expensive the vest, the larger the logo on the outer front. Right above one's heart.

I've never been a label chaser, whether it be inside or outside a garment. In fact, I hate the thought of being labeled myself, so why would I want to strut around in someone else's?

Is that a Prada? A Gucci? A Chanel? Need you know? Need you ask? Need I tell?

Luxury does not equal quality. If they once were stitched in the ateliers in Europe, they are now mostly made in sweat shops in Romania or China.

Luxury brands are being forced to shift their practices by mostly millennial buyers who are demanding transparency around the supply chain and more sustainable practices. It's interesting that baby boomers, like myself, have yet to jump on the bandwagon.

Which is why I've started The Conscious Closet.

My definition of style comes from within me, not from watching what the Kardashians are wearing. Let me be clear. I'm not saying I won't buy from the large luxury brands. And I don't condemn or judge anyone who does. I just don't want to be a walking advertisement for them.

I'm in search for a different type of luxury --- high quality, stylish, small production designs produced where they are designed by local labor and under the best working conditions. And I'm excited to share I've found them.

I will be introducing you to slow fashion designers in the coming months. It's a way to promote them even though I'm not sure I want to really reveal these precious secrets.

My husband didn't buy any of the vests. He's not into being labeled either.

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