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Last week, I was searching our apartment for a bag to carry a change of clothes and my laptop. On the hook where I keep my collection of tote bags, I discovered a mass of reminders of weddings, conferences, designer discoveries and, of course, Lululemon. In addition, I found a stack of beautiful shopping bags from brands I love, hidden away in a pile just waiting for that off chance I would want to take it on a stroll.

Just a few days before, I was having a conversation with my husband about my pledge of reduced consumption of new clothing. Thank god he has a good sense of humor about my challenge. "The evidence, Nancy, is in the bags."

Without dwelling on fast or slow fashion, I have to wonder why every company needs its own branded packaging for wrapping around its fine products.

It's been years since I stopped accumulating grocery bags. In fact, for the most part, we're fairly diligent in using reusable ones. So why do I need single use bags provided by every store I make purchases .... even if they're made from recycled paper or eco friendly material?

If there were single use bags for clothes shopping what would you want them to say? How about "I BYOB" or "DON'T BRAND ME."

Send me your ideas....I'm on this.

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