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A nod to the promise of new fashion

Sustainable fashion is the hottest trend in the fashion world.

There is an abundance of promise, action and voice surrounding the seismic shifts in future of fashion. In December and January top fashion and business publications each ran articles on the environmental, labor and fair trade imperatives evolving as fashion houses are under pressure to meet new standards and consumer demands.

Here are a few of the articles I found most interesting:

The Future of Fashion Is Circular: Why the 2020s Will Be About Making New Clothes Out of Old Ones - This December Vogue article explores the upswing in recycled textiles by luxury designers.

Inside the Closet of the Future, With the rise of rental and resale, wardrobes of the future are primed to be smaller, more temporary and filled with pieces designed to last longer. Business of Fashion's January 2020 article on the rapid rise in big business renting and resale (think Rent the Runway, Armarium, ThredUp, TheRealReal and more).

How to Decipher “Sustainable Fashion” in 2020

Does it mean local production, emerging designers, rented clothes, organic cotton, or clothing made from recycled bottles? Harper's Bazaar examines what it means to be sustainable.

The fashion revolution is here. We have more choices than ever to shop and dress with consciousness and intention.

Substance Meets Style has always been about integrating conscious fashion practices with luxury design. Slow Fashion is one component of this wheel.

In my next blog I'l be sharing how I define SLOW FASHION and bringing you closer to the designers who represent these tenets.

It's been months in the making, but my launch of SLOW BATCH STYLE is days away. You'll be so enchanted by the interview with Marta Scarampi, Designer and Co-Founder of the brand Marta Scarampi. I've known Marta and her sister Lucia for over two years ago. I caught Torino, Italy based Marta at her Soho, NYC showroom for an afternoon of fun and insightful stories about the Marta Scarampi story.

Slow Fashion, Marta and more. Stay tuned.

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